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Homephix, a subsidiary of ENETWOKS LTD, is a new brand of heavy duty coat rack hooks that can carry tiny items to weighty utilities such as winter coats, kitchen pans without risk of bending or breakage.

Homephix metal coat hook was designed compact and looks classy, which fits well with home décor.

Unlike clothes rail, it takes up the least amount of space without jutting out. Small hanging space? No worries!

Its dual hook design can accommodate clothes for your whole family while also holding kids’ coats and keys for guests or other accessories too.

We all know that hanging clothes on your bedroom door is a bad idea, right? The hooks always come loose or bend.

We make it easy to hang coats and other items without damaging the door frame. Our sturdy metal hanger can hold up to 5 pounds of weight, so you don’t have to worry about anything falling off the wall. It also looks great in any room!

Moreover, our coat rack hooks are made from high-quality steel with an antique bronze finish that goes well with most home décor styles.

Plus, they’re compact enough not to stick out too far into the room as some bulky coat racks do. When we say these are heavy-duty, we mean it. 


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Trade Register Number: 633885

About Us